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The Ronsonator – Self Defense Gadget 2021



Jon Ronson

The Ronsonator has a great history as it was named after Jon Ronson of the BBC, who made the crazy rulers of the world, where Master Brusso was in part 1 of the three-part series. Next, he became in Playboy, then into the book “the men who stare at goats” chapter 8. As an honor to Jon Ronson, Master Brusso made this very unique and violent gadget in his honor.

Jon Ronson doesn’t much like that idea, but he had a contest to name it. And in the UK, they named it the “ronsonator.” So here it is. The Ronsonat was made to take people out from behind with the points on the bottom and then has two-digit breaking places and one soft tissue capture. Beyond fully feathered, this thing is just plain nasty. When you need to get the job done, this is it. This is one of the most aggressive self-defense gadgets we have! Peel the cover off your self-defense gadget!


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This self-defense tool is named after Jon Ronson, BBC channel 4. He came out to the West coast and interviewed me for the film “crazy rulers of the world.” I was in the special and the book that followed “the men who stare at goats.” Now they made a movie starring George Clooney (who plays Master Peter Brusso in real life). I invented this tool and opened the naming of it to Jon Ronson’s blog members. Oddly enough, thus the name.

The Ronsonator self-defense tool was designed more for the military and specifically for sentry takeouts. The two very sharp offset points on the pommel allow you to really hook up into soft tissue and move a person around quickly and definitely.

It also, of course, has a serrated section for grabbing tissue and “V” shaped sections that can break off fingers or be placed up noses, ears, or ear canals.

As with several other aggressive Defenders, this self-defense tool is a tool that you would use when you don’t care about how much damage you will do to someone. Great for personal safetyhome safety, or your self-defense.


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