The Owl – Self Defense Gadget


This is a very serious self-defense gadget that if you want something that will stop almost anything.. close that is and those things that want to grab you; then this is it!


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The Owl became one of the most severe tools we ever created. We rolled in all the features we could from points, two big pieces coming up over the top of fingers, the digit capture hole became a teardrop-shaped hole so you could capture behind a digit knuckle easily, the front piece became a chamfered edge that you can strike against a gun or a knife and amputate the thumb, and finally, if all of that wasn’t bad enough we designed this curved the back piece that can fit right over the forearm when somebody grabs you from behind.

Owl at Master Brusso’s back door

That curve also works very well against a throat and can take a person down very very quickly. It also has a sharp of Pummel, so you can smash into bony areas and cause lots of damage. The handle is a little narrow, just like we go back to the guppy so that it works well with pressure points, and it’s better in the hands of smaller hands. This tool is an absolute no-nonsense tool and causes a ton of damage very very quickly.

It’s a tool that if you’re out in the wild, camping, or hiking if you place a call for help, it’s 20 minutes or longer before anybody will get there. So the strategy plays there is not deterrence but the cause lots of damage very quickly to whatever is attacking you. Whether that is a wild animal or a wild man, this thing will damage so much damage so quickly they will lose all interest in getting close to you.

Owl at Master Brusso’s front door

Also, even with the teardrop-shaped did you capture hole are Kydex holsters fit well with that, and a standard lanyard will go at the bottom of the Pummel very nicely. If you’re looking for something to cause a lot of discouragement from someone hurting you quickly, this is the tool. I have this tool hanging by my front door and back door on a pushpin. If I open the door and somebody decides they want to come in, well they are we are him her it, and I and my Owl and you know who’s going to win.


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