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The Ninja Defender Thin in [CLEAR]


The Ninja Thin in CLEAR. The Artisan Ninja Defender has been born and in two styles! Why do we call it the Ninja Defender? Because it has so many hidden weapons features, just like a Ninja who carries hidden weapons. This new off-the-chart aggressive Defender is brought to you by our “Artisan.” Each Defender he makes is handcrafted with extreme attention to detail, care, and professional talent. This product is the Ninja “Thin” version. For those with smaller hands, this is the Defender for you! You can also add Kydex Holsters, Defender clips, and sandpaper for extra grip.

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With this capability, we made this version for smaller hands. One size doesn’t fit all; thus, we also made a “Thick” version. As you can see, this tool comes with a real punch for your self-defense. Its features are as follow:

  • It has a “Pistol” grip, making holding and retention a snap! This “Pistol” grip feature is a first in our defender line.
  • “Beek bits” in the front to defend against a punch or a kick. It also has anti-grapple capability as if someone grabs you; you put the “Beek Bits” over their finger and twist!
  • It has a “chisel” edge on top to slice tissue.
  • Aft of the chisel edge are two points that will tear soft tissue. With this and the chisel edge makes a way to cut someone quickly. In addition, it makes a large cut too.
  • There is a velociraptor claw, like many of our tools have, and it allows you to move an attacker around like a rag doll! 
  • You also have an excellent digit capture hole to snag fingers and use that pain to control your attacker. Many of our tools have this feature as well. Plus, you can use our Kydex Holsters both neck and clip to carry your Ninja Thin Defender.
  • Both the front and back of the handle can capture ears for control.
  • There are two small holes for our standard Defender lanyard carry.
  • If you use your Defender for a “Push Knife,” the front point has 1/2 the entry resistance. One side is just straight in, and the other side is a “Tanto” shaped blade in plastic. This means if you stab someone, it takes 1/2 less force to complete your move.
  • And the bottom design of the Ninja Defender is new to our product line. Used as a push knife that would be stabbing your attacker, the two small “triangle” bits cause a huge hole so they can bleed more. On the push, the forward-facing “V notch” rips into the flesh, and when you pull your Defender back out, the backward-facing “V notch” rips the other side of the wound. 

As a result of all this, when the bad guys comes a calling…you DID give them the BAD DAY!


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