The new Guppy- Self Defense Gadget


The new guppy! A super easy self defense gadget to use and can go anywhere you go! On the plane, or through metal detectors. Has great power to stop an attacker and yet, looks like nothing at all. It was the first of the self defense gadgets to be invented but it’s a great all-around tool too.

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The new guppy! It was the first in the invention line and is absolutely safe to take on aircraft or the like. No sharp edges but it will serve you well when you need to defend yourself. It has edges do grab soft tissue, acts like a great hammer with a “bonk” on the head or boney areas of the body and the small point at the bottom of the handle goes well in soft tissue plus pressure points. Can disarm other weapons! It’s a great tool if you are nervous carrying other things through checkpoints or where they have metal detectors; it’s plastic so won’t set them off.


Also, don’t forget to get a lanyard!

Peel the cover off your self defense gadget!

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