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The Eian “Mini” Key Ring Self Defense Tool

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Introducing our new “Eian” keychain Defender. AND IT’S LEGAL! Also, it is less expensive than the current cute little “Kitty” self-defense toy! They sell for $9; when you need them, they break! I’m usually not one to put down other tools, but when your life depends on them, and they break, that is where I draw the line. When researching the “Kitty” product, I found this quote:

Are cat eyes keychains illegal?

[That’s when the TSA had some bad news. “They told me carrying the cat eyes is similar to carrying a switch blade. It’s illegal to even carry these things in public,” said Susan. May 6, 2017]

First, let’s look at what it isn’t, and that is, it has no place to stick your fingers into holes to help you hold on to the tool. Why is that important? Well, then, it would be illegal in all 50 states in America and most countries abroad. If you can stick your fingers into the tool, then they are considered “brass knuckles!” Ouch huh? You hold our Eian with your thumb on top of the flat surface and your pointing finger on the bottom side.

Next, you can put your keys into the palm of your hand and close your hand over the keys, and that will securely hold your Self-Defense Tool in your hand, ready for your defense. Also, the key ring is industrial strength, so it won’t break when you really need to use the tool. If you look at all the “Kitty” keychains out on the market, the first time you need to use it, the key rings, many times, fail; thus, your tool breaks during a self-defense situation. Ours won’t do that as we paid attention to industrial quality as your life is worth that, isn’t it?

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Now, why is it so effective? We mentioned the first one: you can hold onto it very well without being considered brass knuckles. But look closely at the attack prongs. There are three features here that are not obvious to the casual observer. First, one prong is thicker than the other one. This causes an “Asymmetric” torque on the skin, fingers, or other soft tissue: one bites far more effortlessly, and that is from the thinner attack prong. The thicker one gives you an excellent base to apply the torque force onto the target.

Next, look at the “V” shape between the attack prongs, and you will notice a semicircle shape. This area allows soft tissue to move into the void, filling it, and this helps dramatically in getting as much tissue between the attack prongs as possible. It captures soft tissue deeply into the working part of the tool and thus creates far more damage. It simply gets more tissue into the prongs and easily holds it there.









Keychain Defender Review by Master John Enger

When holding the Keychain Defender in hand, a quote from an author came to mind…

  “It is to our detriment that we underestimate the might of small and simple things.”

 ~ Richelle E. Goodrich

The Key Ring Defender is small and simple! But never underestimate the devastation this little self-defense item can cause to an attacker. The design is made to go on a key ring, but you can simply put it in your pocket or purse, or it can just as easily be worn around your neck. It’s concealable in your hand and will never be seen, making it a great surprise to an attacker when it seemingly comes out of nowhere. The two sharp prongs at the end are more than capable of causing severe injury anywhere on the body. A thrust will stab, and a raking motion will tear. If your life is truly threatened, a strike to the eye(s) will end the attack. A thrust to the rib cage of an attacker will undoubtedly make them move back, and repeated strikes to the face and neck will be devastating to a would-be attacker and more than capable of leaving wounds requiring stitches.

This simple-looking self-defense tool should not be taken lightly… it’s really damn near invisible with blinding effectiveness and to the serious detriment of a would-be attacker. 

What an amazing tool to carry along with you, and it fits beautifully on the key ring provided with it. Yes, it’s simple, and it’s little, but oh, does it work! 

We believe it’s legal as it isn’t considered “Brass Knuckles.” So, hurry to get yours today and be safe!


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