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The Eckmeier Defender in RED


Welcome to the “Eckmeier Defender.” The name was by the contest, and we all had fun putting in

names. I made this tool with the thought of creating a pure disaster for an attacker. With all the violence and lawlessness in America, we need a Defender that is not so nice to the attackers.


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The Eckmeier Defender comes with a large hole so that you can carry it with a Kydex Holster, either a neck rig or a solo holster with a clip plus has two holes for a standard Defender lanyard. Held in your hand with the sharp point up and the swallowtail down, it delivers nothing but damage “quickly” to an attacker. The sharp end has the “V” notches that cause large bleeding holes in people if you need to stab them. The sharp point also has a sharp edge that cuts flesh quickly and can significantly deter an attacker from continuing to hurt you. The swallowtail end is excellent for anti-grapple. When someone grabs you, you can place the swallowtail parts over one of the fingers or thumb and twist to break off the grab or even break their digits! The swallowtail also can punish anyone kicking or punching at you as you hold the Eckmeier Defender in a way that lets the attacker “run” into the swallowtail points; ouch!

Works with:

Kydex Holster Neck Rig
Super great way to carry your Defenders
Standard Lanyard



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