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The Defender of the Year 2022 [RED]


The Defender of the year in BLOOD RED. Out of the old box marked “miscellaneous” came a tool that Master Grant Smillie made in 2004. It had two large points forward for anti-punch and anti-kick. In the rear were three points to move people around like a velociraptor claw. It also had a double tear-drop digit capture hole and a pistol grip handle. We took that as a base for adding features into Master Smillie’s design to come up with our Defender of the Year 2022. Absolutely devastating for your self-defense and makes a great addition to one’s Defender collection.

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Our upgrades to Master Smillie’s original design were the addition of the “Beek Bits” on the front of the tool’s head for anti-grapple, anti-kick, anti-punch, and to break off fingers that grab you. We added the “V” notches for maximum stabbing wound and a single large digit capture hole. We kept the standard lanyard holes but mounted them like Master Smillie’s “horizontal carry” capability. Most of our lanyards are fitted for vertical carry, but this one sits at the ready horizontally, which cuts the time by 50% for deployment. We also chisel cut the whole top part of the Defender’s head to maximize cutting damage and reduce the cutting resistance by 50%. Finally, the bottom where the “V” notches are sports a Tanto knifepoint with 50% less insertion resistance when you stab a body.

As a result of all this, when the bad guys comes a calling…you DID give them the BAD DAY!



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