Sweet “K” 2 Clear D1’s 1 Black package Xmas

Original price was: $37.48.Current price is: $32.80.

We recently got the ever famous “Clear” Defender 1’s, and we do love our cookies. So, at the breakfast counter, we realized if we put two Clear defenders out and then sandwich a Black Defender, it resembles a famous cookie [not to mention names, but you can use your imagination.] Now we are offering the Sweet “K” package deep discount for Xmas; then, we will revert back to its regular package discount price of $37.48.

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The color does have some consequences, as when you hold a Black Defender, it makes a bold statement to a would-be attacker that you have a weapon and they don’t know what it is. This, in many cases, intimidates the would-be attacker, and they change their minds about attacking you. The Clear Defender 1 is more covert, and the would-be attackers don’t see it until you use it for your self-defense. This has a strategic advantage of “surprise”! Also, if you carry it with one of our “easy carry options,” the Clear defender “blends” into whatever you are wearing. The transparent feature blends against whatever material, color, or pattern of clothing you are wearing, and therefore it is challenging to see the Clear Defender. Again, this blending can work to your self-defense advantage.


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