Stealth Full Up


The stealth is a super great Tool to carry. It’s for smaller hands but does very well in one’s self defense. This package is personally put together by master Brusso. It is great for traveling or going on vacation too. Small, light but yet carries a BIG Bite! When the bad guys come a calling… you can give them the bad day with this bad boy!

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Low profile, small but to the point of your protection. This has saved a few lives for sure as you can see in the testimonials. Master Brusso carries this with him everywhere he goes. Outfitted with a clip, friction tape for enhanced grip and a standard breakaway lanyard; it will serve you well. Great for women or kids in college too! It has a very sharp point that can cut, dig, or seriously discourage the bad guys from hurting you. Easy to use in anti grab or for grab release too. So when someone grabs you and you deploy this self-defense gadget; they won’t be holding you anymore. One client even got choked from behind in the infamous┬árear blood choke and he just ran the point down their choking arm… presto… release and horror as the blood went everywhere. Needless to say, it saved his life!


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