Spec Ops 2 Full Up


The spec ops 2 has seen lots of service with our military overseas. They frankly love the versatility of the tool and the low profile so people really can’t see what you have… until it’s too late! In this offer Master Brusso puts together your defender just for you! Free online training too.

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The spec ops 2 has three points, one to do lots of damage to your bad guy, the other for soft tissue captures and the third at the end of the handle for anti grab attacks. Super low profile this bad boy is on your opponent before they know what is going on. That element of surprise will derve your self-defense needs very well. As with other in this “Full Up” series, it comes with extras just for you. You get the spec ops 2 tool, neck rig, kydex holster with a clip, a lanyard, a defender clip and friction tape for enhanced grip. You get it all and Master Brusso puts it all together just for you. When you are serious about your self defense or to defend your loved ones; you can’t go wrong with this option!


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