Solo Unlimited Online Defender Training Video


img0011Unlimited online training for FREE Now!…  Everything you need to learn to get up to speedindex_0004 and have this tool ready to protect you and your loved ones. This video is guaranteed to show you everything you need to know or your money back. The video is about 1 hour long and again, unlimited views for your purchase. Watch it while you wait for your self defense tool to arrive!

NEW… I’m offering the training for free just use this link to go over to YouTube to view the online training ( This is the trailer for the unlimited online training that you can get. You can purchase any of the tools and as you wait for their arrival you can get up to speed with this training video. This video covers most of our self defense tools and once you learn those, any of the follow one tools work much the same way. Why purchase the DVD when you can have this NOW and get trained!


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