Say “Hell NO” Package Deal


This package deal is for the times when you have to do lots of damage in the minimum time frame. These are not very nice tools to your opponent; nor should them be. There are times when you might travel in areas that dangerous and if you are attacked; help isn’t going to come very quickly. These two self defense gadgets can cause lots of pain and draw blood so quickly that your attackers will rethink their plan. The package is a 30% savings just for a limited time!

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These are two very aggressive self defense gadgets sold in a package deal. When you travel in dangerous areas where you can’t get help for some time (camping, hiking, travel, parts of towns, etc) these are great self defense gadgets to carry. The Spec Ops 2 is very low profile, fits great in your hand, and is low profile. This low profile is great as many times your attackers can’t really see what you have in your hand. Thus they might change their minds just based on this unknown gadget. It has actually happened too! 

The Ronsonator is a no nonsense self defense gadget! It does lot’s of damage so quickly it’s crazy good. The beak draws blood quickly when someone’s punch runs into it or even a kick at you too. The top beak feature can push up against the nose and push your attacker off of you! If someone grabs you… you can place the beak over one of their fingers, twist and break the finger. You think they want to keep messing with you? I think not. It is a great tool to have and use especially when you just need to say HELL NO, to your attacker!.




Comment recently from Mr. Williams [65 years old] The Spec Ops 2 is Good Fit for Ones Pocket. It Allows you an Air of Protection no matter where you may be. Just in Case your Faced with a situation your just not Standing there with your hands in your hands in your Pockets, at Least you’ll have a Fighting Chance! I intend on Buying 4or5 to have one Available no matter the
Event .


Here is another video about the Spec Ops 2: 


Also don’t forget to get a lanyard!

Peel the cover off your self defense gadget!



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