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RP Full Up


The  RP defender is one of our smaller defenders that fits nicely in your pocket. Full capable of defending you and your loved ones. This bad boy is so painful that even during a training Master Brusso was showing how it can rip into soft tissue; his opponent did just that so now… guess who has a scar on his stomach! This unit is personally put together by Master Brusso and it comes with all the extra’s you need to take it anywhere!

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The RP defender is a “mash-up” from a client who he and his father looked at all the features of the defenders and moved what they loved the most; all into one smaller defender. It’s really impressive how well it turned out and make no mistake about a small size defender. Adding the “Full Up” package allows you to carry it with ease and deploy it quickly. It comes with a neck rig, kydex clip holster, friction tape for enhanced grip, a lanyard, and has a defender clip on the defender. This allows you an out of the box, no-nonsense way to defender you and your loved ones. When the bad guys comes a calling… with this unit you can surely give them the bad day!


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