Ronsonator Full Up


This is a VERY AGGRESSIVE self-defense gadget. Wow, when you need the firepower to stop someone this is an excellent self-defense tool to deploy! With this offer Master Brusso makes your Ronsonator just for you! It comes with everything you need to carry it with ease and deploy it quickly.

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The Ronsonator Defender was named after the author of the book “men who stare at goats”, Jon Ronson from the BBC Channel 4. He was working with Master Brusso about his involvement in the first earth battalion and this particular defender was under development about the same time. So, Master Brusso had a contest with Jon Ronson’s fans to name the new Defender and guess what… well they wanted it named after him. So be it! This Defender is so violent that extreme care has to be maintained when training with it. With the bottom have such sharp points, the soft tissue capability and anti grab features truly make it an Aggressive tool. With the addition of the kydex holsters, neck Rig, lanyard, friction tape for enhanced grip, and a defender clip on the tool allows for maximum ease of carrying plus quick deployment. It’s a must if you need to stop the bad guys dead in their tracks… that it to harm you or your loved ones!


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