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Rare Original Guppy Prototype


This is the “ORIGINAL” Guppy prototype! Out of our history box, we are going to sell her to a Defender Fan! This prototype has small notches on the top and back for soft tissue. So, you collectible types should grab this for your collection! It works just like the NEW guppy but perhaps a little better.

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The Defender Guppy does an outstanding job of defending you! Use it as a hammer, and you can “Bonk” your attacker on any bony surface like the top of the head or the back of their hands. This “Kinetic Energy” can even break bones and causes great pain to your attacker. The handle has a pummel [end of the handle] that can also smash down on bony areas of the body, which will cause great pain plus damage. It’s entirely plastic, has no sharp surfaces, and can go on airplanes!


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