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Rare Defender 2 in Clear


We found this CLEAR Defender 2 in our inventory! And you can see it still has the protective cover on! We only have one of them, and I had to think twice about selling it. The CLEAR versions of the Defenders can give a unique self-defense strategy, as we have heard from our customers. We have stories about customers defending themselves with “CLEAR” tools, and many of the attackers ran away. Why? They couldn’t see what our customers were holding in their hands. The defender 2 is one of your best choices for your immediate self-defense. What I mean by that is that the Defender 2 creates a ton of damage very quickly. If you go places where you might need to say NO to someone, this will do the job.




Out of stock

The Defender 2 is a severe self-defense tool sporting 3 points, digit capture hole, and sawtooth soft tissue capture area. This is Master Brusso’s personal carry; when he hikes or goes places where if you need help, you won’t get one for some time. It works on animals as well, so if you get attacked out hiking, you have some option to discourage them from attacking you. If you could only purchase one self-defense gadget, this would be it! Also, don’t forget to get a lanyard! Peel the cover off your self-defense gadget!




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