Parrot Full Up


The Defender Parrot is a very useful tool with multiple points that cause such great damage. The “beak” parts in the front of the tool do a great job of hurting your attacker in a number of ways. First, if they punch or kick at you, you allow them to run right into the beak and thus chew up their hands/feets/legs or arms! With this offer Master Brusso puts together this just for you.

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The Parrot Defender has saved many people from serious harm. How? By causing serious harm to your attackers as you let them hurt themselves! Yes, and great for anti grab techniques, soft tissue captures against a point (ouch) and a sharp bottom of the handle so you can smash into things that hold onto you. This is a no-nonsense self-defense gadget that will and can save your life or the lives of your loved ones. Along with all the extras that come with this offer you can carry your Parrot in a number of ways plus it deploys so quickly too. This is a great tool to have for your attackers next lesson: When the bad guy(s) comes a calling… you give them the bad day! Boy, this defender will do just that too! The extras include the kydex neck rig, lanyard, defender clip on the tool, friction tape for enhanced grip, and the kydex holster with a clip so you can put this anywhere you can use a clip. This can go on your belt, pocket, around your neck, in your jacket etc. A must for your self-defense needs.


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