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Owl Full Up


The owl was designed to cause some serious damage very quickly. It has many features that can cause such large amounts of damage! In this offer Master Brusso puts together your Full Up Owl just for you. With all the extra’s you need to carry it with ease and deploy it quickly. Free online training too!

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The owl has some very unique features. When you use it like a hammer you have sharp points that literally poke holes in your bad guy. Also if you are grabbed from behind this tool fits over the capturing arm and with an easy twist… off those come from your body. Also, it has a “sharp edge” that if your opponent has a tool, you can break the small bones in the hand thus they let go of that tool. Also with a “teardrop” digit capture hole, you can really lock in a finger or thumb for total control. Master Brusso puts together this offer just for you so you know there is a great attention to detail for your safety. Ready to go right out of the box with all the extras. Having a neck rig, kydex clip holster, standard lanyard, friction tape for enhanced grip, and a defender clip put on the tool for ease of carrying.


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