Mission Specific: Urban Combat 2


This Urban Combat package is designed for a super quick, not so nice response to people who attack or mug YOU! This package is great for women’s self defense and is a good fit to get the word “NO” across to your attackers. From outright attacks, purse snatching, or hold-ups, this package will serve you well. Ready to serve you right out of the box… here is what you get in this package:


  • Defender 2
  • Owl
  • Parrot
  • Stealth
  • RP
  • Lanyard with a stainless-steel hook
  • Spring clips on the tools
  • Solo clip Holster
  • Friction tape on the tools

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Urban Combat get this package and get them to understand the word “NO”
Woman’s self defense is what you need!

This package is designed to support you when or if you find yourself in a medium risk urban area. This package plays well with your active self protection philosophy. Make no mistake about this, these tools will produce a lot of physical damage, quickly, to anyone who is stupid enough to attack you!

Several of these tools were also used in combat zones and used very well I might add. Still, you get everything you need to increase your survival in a heavy urban combat situation. Again, you get a great way to carry them and deploy them quickly.

This package is also reduced by 15% when compared to purchasing all the individual parts. If you travel in an urban setting this is a must for your safety!




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