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Mission Specific: Urban Combat 1

Original price was: $132.10.Current price is: $112.29.

If you need to defend yourself in an urban setting, which these days the odds are high that you will, you need a self-defense package designed to increase your odds of surviving an ugly urban attack. You get:

  • Defender 1
  • A Parrot
  • A Stealth
  • Kydex holster neck rig
  • Kydes holster with clip
  • Defender lanyard
  • Sandpaper on all tools
  • Defender clips on all tools
  • 1 spring stainless steel hook

Availability: 3 in stock

Urban mugging happens more than you think!

What is combat? In the urban setting, it boils down to defending your safety. Yes, it happens in a city or urban setting, from general muggings, attacks, hijacking, and more. This package addresses your safety when you are in a general urban environment.

The other packages deal with a more aggressive urban setting, but this package will serve you well in an urban combat situation. The parrot defender and the stealth are certainly more aggressive than our everyday carry defender 1, so those will serve you well in a severe urban combat issue.

You get all you need to improve your safety and increase your self-defense with this package. It includes the holsters that allow you to carry your Defenders with ease, plus fast deployment when you need it.

Again, this is a 15% reduction compared to individual item purchases, so it is a great deal!


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