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Mission Specific: International Travel


International travel can be a real challenge for your self-defense. This package gives you the tools to help protect yourself when traveling internationally or even local ground travel.

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Take your self defense tools with you on your trip!

Traveling internationally or even locally has many pitfalls and dangers. This package is designed such that you can take on the Guppy defender and pack the rest of the weapons into your luggage. Also, if you should have your Guppy defender taken away, we will replace it for free. We can even

Active self-protection while you travel!

send you a replacement while you are overseas.

The other defenders in this package you put in your luggage so once you are at your destination, you can use it for your self-defense. The package goes from a semi-nice discouragement to a potential attacker to just short of “Holy Hell” damage. This package goes a long way to your active self-protection needs! These self-defense weapons will serve you well during your travels.

You can carry them with ease and deploy them quickly when you need to. This is just as much a requirement for travel as luggage or a passport! 


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