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Mission Specific: Hiking/Camping

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When hiking or camping, you are out in the wild, and if anything goes wrong, it’s a while before help can get to you. As such, you have to take your safety into your own hands. Now, I (Master Brusso) hike in the desert of SoCal, and as such, help isn’t nearby at all. So, if you were to get attacked, you have to do lots of damage very quickly to save yourself. So this package has been designed for just that mission. Also, all the mission-specific packages come at a 15% discount when compared to purchasing them individually. Here is what you get:
  • Spec Ops 2
  • Defender 2
  • Parrot Defender
  • Stealth Defender
  • Lanyard with a stainless-steel hook
  • Spring clips on the tools
  • Solo clip Holster
  • Friction tape on the tools

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When you get mugged or attacked in the wild, it happens very quickly!

Yes, mugging and violent attacks do happen during hiking or camping events. All you have to do is look at the issues of attacks on trendy places like the Appalachian trail or even the Pacific trail. However, crime doesn’t stop there; it happens everywhere in isolated places. Why? Because law enforcement is nowhere to be found, and if needed, they will take up to 30 minutes to get to you. Therefore, help really isn’t on the way or around the bend. Therefore, you have to take your safety into your own hands. That is exactly what this mission-specific package does! Easy to carry. Easy to learn, and it’s online FREE!. 

So, the best idea is when you get attacked or mugged out in the wild; you have to do lots of damage to them very quickly. And that is exactly what this package does. Also, you have to be ready to defend yourself quickly, and now with our new kydex holster, the self-defense tool deploys instantly. Always at the ready to protect you and your loved ones. It even works on wild animals who might attack you. You can do lots of damage quickly, and that is precisely what you need! Help is well over 20 minutes away, most of the time. So with this package, you get the maximum flexibility to carry your self-defense tool also which ones you want to carry or share with someone in your party. Let’s hope that you will never have to experience such a thing, but if you do, you will have a better than a fighting chance to stop it dead in its tracks.



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