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Mission Specific: Date/College

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This is a package very close to my heart. Date rape and when your kids go off to college, and their safety. Date rape is all too easy to experience and that is a sad statement. I don’t believe that anyone has the right to hurt you physically, no bullies or rapists are allowed! This package is perfect for your children on dates or living at a college. It has two tools; one that is more of a discouragement and the other a rapist’s horrible nightmare as it should be! In this package you get:

All mission-specific packages are at a 15% discount when compared to purchasing the items individually. Here is what you get in this package:

  • Defender 1
  • Stealth Defender
  • Lanyard with a stainless-steel hook
  • Spring clips on the tools
  • Solo clip Holster
  • Friction tape on the tools

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Yeah, this is a hard topic to think about but let me tell you that I (Master Brusso) have taught so many people to NOT let this happen again in their lives. I hate that in one way that we are talking about things after the fact. So, before it happens let’s start thinking proactive. This package has the “bookends” of the self-defense tools; i.e., that is one that will cause lots of pain to discourage someone (even if they are drunk or high) and the last one that can only be known as “HOLY HELL”. That Holy Hell is just what you want when you have to say NO and I mean NO, and you didn’t listen so take this! You get the idea that it’s our children’s right to protect themselves. In this package we start with a polite no and then to a HELL NO… and they get what they get.

We get our children back with a little negative issue having gone through this stuff but not a victim! The bad guy gets to go to the hospital and talk to the police. This is the package for you if you have a child going to college or dates lots. Get it today and the training is FREE online! It comes right out of the box ready to protect your children. All the ways to carry and deploy the self-defense tool are all in this package… easy to carry and quick to deploy. Let us keep our kids safe!


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