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With the US and World descending into unrest and lawlessness, it is time for us to step up and do something for the protection of ourselves and our family members. We all have been watching the news with riots in most major cities, crime through the roof, looting, robberies, and murder all-sky rocking.


All the while if you defend yourself from these peaceful protestors you find yourself attacked by them plus the city DA. You can’t even exercise your 2nd amendment on your own property without fear of going to jail yourself. They are winning over the law of “rule of order”. It’s time we arm ourselves with something they know nothing about. I will share 3 stories in this offering plus a podcast to show you where I’m going and what I’m suggesting.

Here is what I’m offering. Ten packages only of the following: two Defender 1s, two Defender 2s, two RP defenders, Kydex holster with clip [fits all these tools], and 2 lanyards. At full price, this would cost you $261.25 to purchase. However, I can offer this at a deep discount to $208.86.

Availability: 1 in stock

Special Anti Looters protection package limited time offer with a deep discount.

Now, why am I doing this? Simple, this lawlessness is out of control and the cities are working against us Americans protecting our lives, property, and in many cases our life savings or life work. They don’t care all they want is for us not to defend ourselves and to take our 2nd amendment away. Well, guess what?

We have something else in mind. They don’t know about defenders or the max protection damage they can do. So let me tell you I got 3 success stories over the last few weeks. Without too much data here is a short story of each.

FIRST: One shop owner meets his looters at the door with a sample out of our new Max Nail. I will have them for sale shortly but needless to say, he defended his shop and people with the said tool at his front door to the shop. This tool does crazy damage so quickly that the looters ran away to shops down the block! The engagement lasted about 15 seconds and this tool just messed them up so fast and so seriously, they lost all interest in the looting activities in his shop.

SECOND: The next story is similar to the shop owner, a woman this time, meet the looters at the door with an RP defender, and just chewed them up as they tried to get in the front door. This time the looters ran across the street to a less violent shop owner.

THIRD: The third one was also an RP defender however this shop owner took her staff into the women’s bathroom and locked the door. The looters broke the door down to get to them and frankly the shop owner was so incensed she came out swinging with the RP defender. She didn’t stop drawing blood, damaging body parts [eyes in particular] to the looters, and needless to say, they ran out of the store. They didn’t come back either as she stood her ground at the front door with her RP defender.

So, the offer is limited to only ten packages. Once that is gone it’s over until I can replenish my stock. Where I have them made in the USA is on 1/2 time COVID restriction.

So I have what I have. After that we get creative. The full price of this package is $261.25 so I did a deep discount to a bargain price of $208.86¬†until I run out. What is your life worth? What is the price for your family’s safety?

Let us give ourselves a fighting chance against this lawlessness!



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