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Knife Throwing video


Unlimited online training so you can learn how to throw a knife. Everything you need to know to throw your knife effectively. Make sure and look at the trailer to see what you are going to learn.

There are times when it is necessary to know how to throw your knife, and this video will teach you how to do so successfully. If you need to gain some time in a fight throwing your knife will buy you that time. How? If an attacker leaves a target open, you can take great advantage with one throw, like their neck. Other scenarios are if you are in a multiple attacker fight and one of the attackers starts to draw a gun, you can throw your knife at them plus close the distance to disarm them. Knife throwing skills are also handy to know if you are in a survival situation. Money-back guarantee, so you have little to risk! The video is unlimited views and is also downloadable should you want to add it to your self-defense video collection.


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