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Guppy Full Up


The Full Up Guppy defender can go anywhere you go! Master Brusso personally makes this defender up for you! If you travel or go places that people look at things you carry, this passes the test and can go with you. Give yourself a fighting chance against the bad guys! When they come a calling… give them the bad day. Great for a gift too. FREE online training!

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This defender can go anywhere with you! It comes fully featured for this model; you get the Guppy, a lanyard, friction tape to enhance your grip and a defender clip on the tool so you can carry it with ease. You not only get the defender Guppy but you also have a defender clip on it for easy storage in your pocket, shirt, belt, jacket, or anywhere you can put a clip-on! It also comes with friction tape to enhance your grip on the tool too! When you travel and need a source of protection you can count on this full up Guppy to help you protect yourself. We have had lots of stories of it doing just that! On and off planes without an issue too! Don’t wait any longer… think about what your life is worth! Give yourself a fighting chance against the bad guys and get this today! Free online training too.



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