Full Up Swan


The swan is a really aggressive self defense tool! Think this out, if 1 point is bad and we saw several with 3 points on them…. well this one has four points! When you have to use this tool you will turn the attacker any which way but LOOSE!

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The swan is loved by the British SAS forces who were fighting in Afghanistan as they purchased a lot of these bad boys. If 1 or 3 points really increased the effectiveness of the self defense tool, well four points takes it over the top. One nice thing about this tool is you do have four points and the attacker is always, or so it seems, somewhere close to one of them for you to use! This option comes with the clip so you can carry the Owl in your pocket, on your clothing, webgear, or even on your belt. So this makes it extremely function and we also add in a standard lanyard in this offering as well.  


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