Dragon Edge [CLEAR]


The Dragon Edge Defender was initially created by Master Kerry Lewis [one of Master Brusso’s

students of many years]. It consisted of a very devastating head of the weapon, a thin straight handle, and a sharp point at the end [pommel] of the weapon. It also had a really cool Japanese cord wrap on the handle. We made one in RED as a prototype and liked it. However, we wanted to tweak it a bit.

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We made one in RED as a prototype and liked it. We looked at it and had to add some integration parts to the original design. We added a hole at the top of the weapon to be used with a Kydex Neck Rig Holster and the Defender Standard Lanyard. This Defender is devastating in use as the “Chisel Edges” reduces the cutting resistance by 50%! It slices through tissues almost effortlessly! Looking at the features picture, you can see the chisel edges, sharp points, front and backhand edges to capture soft tissue, a large hole to be used with a Kydex Holster Neck Rig, the small holes at the bottom for use with a Standard Defender lanyard, and a super sharp “Pommel.”


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