Desktop Defender “Hide in plain sight” holder


This is the way to put your defender on display and have it hide in plain sight… all ready to use in your office space should you need to protect yourself at an instance. This is part of the “Hide in plain sight” and workspace safety program. When you are at work, you can be attacked, as we have seen countless times. We have several products that are in this program, and this is one of them. There are several ways to use this little display tool. You can leave a “tie-dye” Defender, which looks like a work of art, on display 24/7, which means it’s always available for self-defense. 


This defender desktop holder fits all of our Defender tools. The base of the holder comes in three colors and in this case you are looking at the Flourescent Green version. The small legs come in whatever color we have on hand. We currently cut the slot by hand but soon we will have other options to make a smoother slot to hold your Defender. 


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