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The Stealth self-defense gadget is a fantastic tool for your self-defense (now offered in clear only!).

Born as an accident but what we ended up with is fantastic. The offset tail stops grabs, the beveled edge that cuts flesh, and the forward point to push people off of you and/or can stop punches/kicks. It’s a tremendous all-around “hidden” or stealth self-defense gadget; it’s an excellent tool for your self-defense.

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The stealth is an aggressive self defense gadget for sure. Fits normal to smaller hands. It has saved lives more than 5 times so far!
The stealth is an aggressive self-defense gadget for sure. Fits good in smaller hands. It has saved lives more than five times so far!

The stealth self-defense gadget was an accident! Yes, Master Brusso was making some prototypes by hand, and the band saw broke the item. He held up the one piece and said, “Hey, look at this! We a little rework…” it became the stealth.

One of the great things about this gadget is the offset tail which, when placed between fingers that grab you, a simple twist, and off they go! We the beveled edge its shape as heck and can cut flesh with ease.

The forward point is excellent to push people away and stop punches or kicks! It’s a great addition to your self-defense gadgets.

This tool is now only offered in clear and looks fantastic!


Also, don’t forget to get a lanyard!


Peel the cover off your self-defense gadget!


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