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Defender Stealth – Self Defense Gadgets 2021


This is our new stealth self-defense tools… what’s new? We now have it in clear color. If you are going to carry the stealth, then why not be completely stealthy? That’s what this little Defender in clear does. Fantastic to travel with! Easy to fit into your pocket, and when deployed, the bad guys won’t know what hit them until it’s all over with! 

One of my clients used this in Texas to fight off three guys, and when the police arrived, they were shocked at how much damage he did to the bad guys. They asked him how he did all that damage, and he showed them the stealth. They said, “what is that?”… and he explained how it worked. Unfortunately, they had to confiscate the tool for evidence, but we sent him another one for free!

Availability: 135 in stock


The stealth Defender was invented by accident. I was cutting a tool on the band saw, and the head broke off. I looked at what was left, and I thought, huh, this could make a tremendous small divisive tool. So I sharpen the edges to make a chance word on the top, giving it a tremendous forward point and a sharp block point at the back for soft-tissue capture. One of the other great features was the offset tail at the bottom of the pummel. The song Set tail slides between the fingers if someone grabs your arm, and all you do is Twist. That offset tail chews up fingers like you wouldn’t believe. Held in your hand, it is very stealthy. Perfect for small hands and situations where you don’t want people to know what you have.

Stealth with breakaway lanyard

This particular tool has saved more lives than I can count. It also has excellent plausible deniability as a fish descaler or an ice scraper if you live in that woods’ neck. However, suffice it to say, this tool is a no-nonsense tool that can save your life. You can easily see someone punching at you, and you hold up your hand and let him run into that sharp point. You can see yourself reaching up and cutting across the top of their forehead with that chamfered edge, thus allowing blood to go into their eyes. We even had one person in a rear choke, and he just ran that chamfered edge right down the arm and filleted the gentleman’s arm that was holding him. When the cops got there, they kept trying to give him first aid because he was covered with blood, whereas it was the other person that needed the first aid.


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