Defender RP – Self Defense Gadget


The defender RP [IN BLACK ONLY] was a “mashup” from our other tools by a fan. He took the “best of breed” features and mashed them up into this extremely painful self defense gadgets. Just look at the trailer and listen to my opponent. It fits in your pants pocket which was something we were prototyping some pocket-friendly designs when this came to us. We loved the design and here it is to help save your life!

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RP 2012








The RP defender [IN BLACK ONLY] was actually designed by a Defenders fan. He purchased all the tools then went through the features that he liked; then did a mash up. We were also looking to make a defender that would fit in a pants pocket and this filled our design criteria.

We struck a deal with the designer and off we went into production. This tool is very unique and just hurts from every part of it! So as a great addition to the self defense gadgets we are really pleased at some of our success stories coming back from our defender owners.

Peel the cover off your self defense gadget!



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