Defender 2 – Self Defense Gadget


The Defender 2 is a very aggressive self defense tool. A great tool addition to your self defense gadgets. With three points, a digit capture hole, and sawtooth soft tissue capture capability, it makes this a very capable tool for your self defense. I carry one whenever I’m hiking or in areas that you know the police won’t come to help you even if you can call for one.

Most of the wilderness areas are out of reach for a quick response by police or other authorities. You are on your own. This situation can happen in any park or recreational area too. So carry one of these bad boys with you and don’t worry you have the best we can offer to do damage quickly. Black only right now…. 

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The defender 2 is a very serious self defense tool sporting 3 points, digit capture hole and sawtooth soft

Defender 2 in Japan!
Defender 2 in Japan!

tissue capture area. This is Master Brusso’s personal carry when he hikes or goes places where if you need help, you won’t get one for some time. It works on animals as well so if you get attacked out hiking you have some option to discourage them from attacking you. If you could only purchase one self defense gadget this would be it!



Also, don’t forget to get a lanyard!

Peel the cover off your self defense gadget!


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