Defender 2 Full Up


The Defender 2 is one really badass tool with three sharp points plus serration soft tissue capture capability. This is a real no-nonsense self-defense tool that causes massive damage to the bad guys and really quick too. This is just the type of tool you want to carry when you just have to firmly say NO to any attackers. Master Brusso puts this tool together just for you and has free online training!

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With three sharp points to defend yourself with; you can do so much damage so quickly it will make your head spin. This is a really NO NONSENSE tool for your self-defense. With the three points, you can repel any attack, punch, kick or grab “QUICKLY”. This tool is perfect when you need to stop the bad guys quickly and you are the only defense you will have in 20 minutes. Yep, Master Brusso carries this when he hikes or camps; anywhere you go that if you were to call for help, it won’t get there much before 20 minutes. Great to stop wild animals too so it is considered a VERY AGGRESSIVE self-defense tool. Free online training and Master Brusso will put this offer together just for you. This offer comes with all the extras you will need to carry and deploy the tool with ease. It comes with the tool, defender clip on the tool so you can clip the tool almost anywhere you want, neck rig, Kydex clip holster that you can put anywhere a clip will go, a lanyard, and friction tape to enhance your grip. It’s a must for your self-defense!


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