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Defender 1 CLEAR


The defender 1 in clear is super special and is now BACK! With all the violence out there this self-defense gadget takes on the “camouflage” look of whatever it is placed against. If you have a neck rig with the clear defender, that tool “disappears” against whatever pattern, color, or design clothing you are wearing. 

Availability: 144 in stock

We do love our clear defenders! I know many people have been requesting them, and so I got a batch of Clear Defender 1’s done. It has the advantage of “Hiding” in plain sight as the clear defender takes on the pattern and color of what it is placed on. This can be very strategic, too plus, if it is in your hand, your attackers have a challenging time figuring out what you are holding. In most cases, when that happens, they run away.


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