Clamshell Holster with two D1 defenders special


We have been working on several new items for the defender line. I wanted to push out some of these new items as in specials. So, here is the “Clamshell Holster Special”. What you get is two clamshell kydex holsters and two Defender 1’s.

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Clamshell holster on a combat vest
Showing robust clip on the clamshell holster and a d1… remember you get TWO of these in this offer

One of the challenges that we have with our defenders is carrying them and deploying them quickly. In the past, we used, and still do, a cord “snap apart” lanyard. We then went to the neck kydex holsters, and now we have another way to carry the defenders. We developed a clamshell holster with a very robust clip such that you can attach it to your belt, pants waistband, or the like.

We put this special offer together so you can get two holsters and two defender 1’s, all for your protection. If you are a first-time buyer of the defenders, this is a significant cost savings deal. If you have defenders, the clamshell holster will accommodate your defenders. [UPDATE] We are going to include one piece of friction tape to be applied on one side of the defender and this will hold the defender more secure in the clamshell holster.

This special offer saves you 30%! This offer is a limited quantity order as I will sell only ten units, so get yours today. Great for gifts!


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