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CD ROM Drink Coasters Stack 3


As part of the “hide in plain sight” program, we added a breakable CD ROM drink coaster to the tools in this package. This drink coaster can be used to defend yourself against an attacker; grab the CD ROM on either side of the “Score line” and break. What you get are two great Sharp Defenders, one of each hand. You can use these to cut the sides of the neck, face, eyes, and even hands that grab you. We will have a training video to show you how to use it. It will sit on your desk and hold your drink; only you know the real purpose. This tile drink coaster is just a few new tools for the “hide in plain sight” program.




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These are ceramic tiles that have been painted with alcohol inks. We sell them as a set because each tile is unique but tends to look similar depending on the technique we employ on the tiles. There are about six ways to make these drink coasters; however, even using the same technique, no two are alike, much like snowflakes where no two are alike even though you start with water and freezing air.






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