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The Remote Defender Package


If you go hiking in a remote area or even camping, you need to carry an aggressive Defender for your self-defense. Why? Because if you run into a self-defense situation, help won’t get to you in time! Therefore, we offer you the “Remote Package,” for your self-defense needs when you must depend on yourself and only you for your safety.

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In a “remote” area, you might not have cell service, which is problematic for your self-defense. It would be best to take your self-defense into your own hands because no one is coming to help you. How is that, you might say? Well, out in remote areas, you can run into robbers, thugs, evil people in groups, and wild animals. In this situation, you need a different set of Defenders, specifically a Defender 2, Defender Spec Ops 2, Defender Stealth, Defender Owl, Defender Lanyard, and a Kydex Neck Rig. While in the remote area, you will wear the Kydex Neck rig with one of the very aggressive self-defense weapons [Owl or D2] and a Stealth Defender on a lanyard attached to you. Attachment places might be belt loops or a hiking vest etc.


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