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Be Real Series


Be Real is a 2 video instructional series unlike any other out on the market. Why? Master Brusso’s teacher, Master Ed Martin, was on one of his yearly visits to Master Brusso’s house. During our training, he made an interesting statement. “If you had only 10 hours to teach someone to protect themselves from the most violent attack you can imagine, what would you teach them?” That is an exciting challenge, so Master Brusso asked his students to divide into groups and make a lesson plan on the following Sunday. What came out of this challenge became “Be Real.”

What came out of our week’s worth of work in the concept of 10 hours of teaching to survive the most violent attack I could think of was spectacular. We covered handgun and long rifle attacks. We also made attacks where the subject was most vulnerable to attack, .i.e., unlocking their front door all the way to carjackings. We liked this so much we are making a book for sale on Amazon, and each of the 34 techniques is QR-coded so the reader can go see the video for that technique!



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