2018 Neck Rig with SOLO Kydex Holster


This is the Kydex 550 cord Self-defense tool holster rig. It is adjustable and fits all our models of self-defense tools with the large digit capture hole.

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This neck rig comes with the Kydex holster that is on military grade 550 cord. It’s adjustable around your neck and the knots don’t allow it to slip or tighten up around your neck during a deployment. The knots can also be moved all the out so this rig can work like a shoulder holster rig. It’s great for super quick deployment and you can always wear it inside a jacket or the like.

It fits all these models:


The Kydex holsters are all custom made and really lock the tool in so you can run, jump, swim… and never lose your self defense tool.


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