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We have a whole series of online video training over on For defender individuals I would suggest the following videos:

1.) Free Online Defender Training
2) Simple Weapons Disarms
3) The Be Real Series

These are all money back guarantee so what do you have to risk? Nothing that’s what. They will improve your capability even if you are a seasoned martial artist, law enforcement, or the just a newbie. I think it’s important that you be as well rounded a self defense person as possible and these self defense videos are just what you need. You only need to learn the “simple” things in self defense as if the technique is complicated it won’t work on the street or in combat. Simple is beautiful and as you will see all my stuff is simple yet extremely effective!  Online video self defense training

We have lots of online unlimited streaming videos for your enjoyment. Why wait for a DVD? Go over to our other website to view the online selection of self defense online training videos. Our titles include:

  • Be Real Series
  • Knife on Knife Fighting
  • Arnis (stick fighting)
  • Machete Fighting
  • Axe Fighting
  • Hanbo (36″ walking stick) Series
  • Knife Throwing
  • Knife on a Rope
  • Simple Weapons Disarms

Make sure to watch the trailers below from!

A quote from John Enger Sense… “Get acquainted with the Anjing Banfa system of the Hanbo. It is a formidable weapon…. a great tool to use while out walking. This is the best teaching you will find on the use of the hanbo by Master Peter Brusso. Master Brusso has a gift to teach….a Legendary Sensei and friend. I have learned a great deal from him. Well worth your time and investment in this 2 DVD set.”

Well in this case you would have an unlimited life time access to the online video which you can down load too if you want! Hurry up and get this special while they last.

The following trailers are offered over at online university!

Knife fighting trailer

These are sample techniques from the 3 video set.

Knife throwing trailer

Combat Axe Trailer

Stick Fighting

Knife on a rope

Hanbo Training Video Trailer

Combat Machete Trailer

Weapons Disarms Military Trailer

Be Real Trailer

Simple Weapons Disarms Trailer

All online unlimited views videos at

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