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Self defense weapon stealth
Self defense weapon stealth
Self defense weapon stealth




“Outside my door stood…”

Sensei Brusso,

I remember you used to put stories up on your site. I wanted to share this with you personally, since you sent me a Defender and a Stealth free after hearing how mine of kept. And I was robbed.

Are you ready for this?

I am an IT Professional, 38, single, so due to the economy I moved to Austin back in December, I got a room at a Studio 6, and due to almost everyone here being like me, a professional at the hotel, it cost less just to stay here.

I got your items about 3 weeks ago, last weekend because I work overnight I have to stay awake overnight when I am of to maintain the schedule. At 3am in the morning I hear loud noises in the hall (obviously lower class people) and a baby crying.

I opened my door to see what all the yelling was about, outside my door stood 3 6ft Black guys with dreads reeking a Pot, they turned to me and asked you got a Fu1# problem? I said no and shut the door.

By now I was listening to what they were saying, they could not get the baby to stop crying, so these geniuses decided to get a 2 year old stoned by breathing pot in her mouth.

I picked up the phone and called the Police (Austin Cops are pretty cool, unless your on the wrong end)

Just before 911 connects the last thing I hear is, well shit, we dun blown in her with Pot, and you gave her a xanax bar right, she ought to be sleeping..

A xanax bar is street code for 2mg of xanax, the highest dose prescribed to adults 200+pounds.

(911 answers, I am in the process of telling her what is going on when I hear the mom screaming my baby’s not breathing, repeat.. I told the dispatch,

I peek out my door and see the whitest black baby I have ever seen. I told 911, they said they had received an additional 12 calls from my hotel and that they had numerous Police, EMS and Fire on the way,

Operator asks if I know CPR, I said yes but these guys are out there tripping saying stuff like, oh she’s breathing, we are just hallucinating she’s not.

I told the operator I was really not wanting to go outside, she asked if I owned a gun, I said no, but I do have a defense weapon, she chatted with the cops in route and said I had to perform CPR on the baby and if they tried to stop me I had Austin Police authority to defend myself and the baby including deadly force.

So I grab the stealth you gave me and out the door I go, I immediately start CPR, one of the guys is now not able to stand up, the other two are telling me to get off the baby, I put my phone down with a open line and repeated I was trying to save the babies life. well, 10 seconds later there is a huge arm around my throat.

Peter, I am left handed, but I reached in my sweat pants with my right hand, pulled out the stealth, and poked forward and went down his are to me. I almost undid his arm like a zipper. blood is going everywhere, he is now freaking out, just them everyone arrives, Police arrest the family, EMS had to put one of the crash guards on the baby and shock her heart 1 volt at a time, they got her breathing. EMS gave me all kinds of stuff to wash off with and sanitize my mouth.

Thank God no blood got in any of my body, but they drew blood to test just in case.

In short, had you not offered to send me the defender, and the stealth when you did to help me out, you set off a chain of reactions that saved a baby girl, and got her needed medical attention.

Sorry for the misspelling, I have been up for over 18 ours, need to go to sleep to go back to work one more night tonight, 6 to 6am.


With all that said I will be ordering at least 2 lanyards off the site, but I wanted to know if you still had any Spec Ops 2, Owl or Parrot, and if so how much, and how do I order them?

they took the Stealth to use as evidence, so I probably should also get quoted for a swan also I won’t be asking for the stealth back, last time I saw it it was pretty bloodied up.

Peter, strictly due to your kindness to replace the two weapons I had purchased saved a life. I hope that puts a little feel good feeling, I know it did for me.

And all my friends at work said I had to email and tell you about it.

Austin DA said I acted in self defense and rescuing a child in severe death, plus I had the Police authorize me to use any force to protect the baby.. So I face no charges and was thanked for going out of my way and putting my life on the line to save a person I did not know.

I await your reply on the Spec 2, Owl and Parrot..

Take care,

Mark H

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