The Standard Self Defense Tool Lanyard

Self defense weapon lanyard

The self defense gadget lanyard is a small set of cords that attach to a quick “snap” release that holds your defender when you don’t need it. Once you pull on the defender the lanyard snaps apart. Therefore, it is a great way to carry your defender and then it can be quickly deployed for your safety.

The snap is rated for 1000 snaps so it should last you a long time. The cords come a little long so you can shorten it by tying knots in them to shorten the distance your defender “hangs” from the hook.

The hook is not included in the package but you can get them at most hardware stores or Kmarts, Walmarts, or Target Centers. You can also get them at…here is a direct link.

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    The lanyard comes with either white or gold cord depending on our availability and connects to the self defense weapon at the holes in the handle. The other end can go to a hook or a pants loop and thus the weapon is attached to you.

    We usually put the self defense tool in our pocket when we are in a safe area and pull it out to dangle or hold in your hand. If needed, all you do is pull on the weapon and the “snap” breaks apart thus deploying the weapon ready for use.  

    Once finished merely snap the “snap” back together and you are good to go. The snap is rated for 1000 snaps before you have to replace it.

To purchase a lanyard [CLICK HERE]

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