Instructor Robert Goff (FL USA)

Instructor Robert Goff (FL USA)

Contact Info

Sensei Robert Goff
Location: Tampa Bay Area, Fl

Sensei Robert Goff began his Martial Arts training in 1998 at Lee’s Kung Fu School. Over the last 17 years, Sensei Goff has studied Uechi Ryu Karate, Grappling, Karate Do and PangaiNoon Kung Fu/Karate. Mr. Goff has been promoted by various instructors.

He received his ShoDan through SanDan under Master Karl Holland (7th Dan), and YonDan 4th Degree under Grand Master Allen Horton (8th Dan) and Master David Heaton (6th Dan). Sensei Goff is an Associate Member with the American Karate System and assists with instructional efforts during seminars and events.

He has also been promoted by the American Karate Association and has received various awards and accolades from several organizations throughout the country. He is senior instructor for Simba Kai Martial Arts Academy, Brooksville, Fl and head of the Soaring Eagles Dojo Station 1 in Lakeland, Fl.

Black Belts Club Members Are: Michael Crespo (NiDan, FL), Christian Delgado (NiDan, Fl) and Xavier Negron (ShoDan, VA)

Kyu Belts: (Lakeland, FL, Isaiah, Edier, Dean, David, Kyle, John, Ruben, Ivan, Alex and Nick)

Kyu Belts: (Orlando, FL, Xavier)

Kyu Belts: (New Bedford, MA, Francisco and Ashley)

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