Instructor Dan Beaver (PA USA)

Instructor Dan Beaver (PA USA)

Contact Info

Dan Beaver

Phone: 717-343-8894

Location: Dillsburg Pennsylvania


Dan Beaver is a historian and writer who never stops trying to learn. His personal study of weapons, techniques and technology go hand in hand with his love of history. Knowing how things are used and work is a natural progression. This is how he found Master Brusso, Anjing Banfa and the Defender. Researching tomahawk techniques led to an online class Master Brusso taught on the subject which peaked Dan’s interest, he became a long distance Anjing Banfa student under Master Brusso and the rest is history.

He has loved the outdoors and survival techniques ever since he was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout as a child and is now a leader in order to pass this knowledge on to the next generation by regularly teaching outdoor survival and emergency first aid. You could drop him in the woods with just a pocket knife and he would come out smiling. He is never afraid to answer a call to the best of his ability and continues to live by the Scout Oath, Law, and Outdoor Code to this day.

His basic martial arts knowledge is mostly self-taught through research and practice by duplicating what he has studied as well as some techniques learned from an ex-army drill sergeant, knowledge from friends who had formally studied and the original video home-based Hikuta class created by DOK Lee. Dan has skills in marksmanship (hand and long gun), archery, blowgun, knife throwing and some self learned quarterstaff and cane defense. His interest in martial arts probably began in back yard stick duels with his friends where he somehow always ended up being the one they all ganged up on…and usually won.

He is also a musician, cook, amateur radio operator and home brewer (if you ask nicely he may share). As a musician he is at home at a blues jam with a harmonica, in a brass choir with his French horn or as a soloist in a madrigal group.

His words to live by are:

”Survival and self defense start with knowledge; the most valuable tool in any endeavor is your mind.”

And one he drums into his scouts: “The right thing to do is almost never the easy thing, we don’t believe in taking the easy path.”

And of course the Scout Motto: “Be Prepared!” (Never going anywhere without blade, light, duct tape and flame…if possible)

Learning Anjing Banfa and becoming a Defender instructor are further steps in his never ending quest to both be prepared, and help others to do the same. He will prepare you to use a Defender.

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