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Defender Podcasts https://youtu.be/ry7eg9EOpms We covered a wide range of topics: the new tool is named “Freya,” the one-of-a-kind tools are up, a great client call, liquid death, the new laser, talk about crystals, a great stealth defender discussion, the mental warrior skills, remote viewing, the men who stare at goats movie, the Secret, and SL.

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Self Defense Videos Defender Fans TV and Movie Videos Individual Training Vidoes Defender Bits and Topics Documentaries Master Brusso Books Martial Arts Topics Fun Videos Samples From Be Real Black Belt Tests and Topics Defender Fans https://vimeo.com/656321290https://vimeo.com/648592570https://vimeo.com/648592447https://vimeo.com/648592490 TV and Movie Videos https://vimeo.com/723922351/625cee7f63https://vimeo.com/651535668https://vimeo.com/723927347https://vimeo.com/723927404https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/651530615https://youtu.be/CAMIvDmWbQshttps://vimeo.com/724831827 Individual Training Vidoe’s https://vimeo.com/724129629https://vimeo.com/724129575https://vimeo.com/724129615https://vimeo.com/668737446https://vimeo.com/724151424https://vimeo.com/724128459https://vimeo.com/725186474 Defender Bites and Topics https://vimeo.com/649898342https://vimeo.com/661587779https://vimeo.com/647284043https://vimeo.com/647283347https://vimeo.com/647284043https://vimeo.com/647283347https://vimeo.com/647284517https://vimeo.com/647282562https://youtu.be/gJbHUqn5MM8https://vimeo.com/724153315https://vimeo.com/724153947https://vimeo.com/724155695https://vimeo.com/724128665 Master Brusso Books https://vimeo.com/724155914https://vimeo.com/724156139https://vimeo.com/724156255https://vimeo.com/725187100https://vimeo.com/724155695https://vimeo.com/724394946https://vimeo.com/724392470https://vimeo.com/724391266https://vimeo.com/724389324https://vimeo.com/724386539https://vimeo.com/726438584

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All Defenders Page

Do you feel safe these days? All Defenders Page On this page we have put our self defense gadgets such that you can see all the options on one page. Below each section is a clickable menu that will take you to the product of your choice.  2023 Defender of the Year is on Sale

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School is in session!

In this page I’m going to provide some great training, FREE to my visitors and clients. I am going to try to intermix current event topics with defender training, questions & answers, and product education. I hope you enjoy these videos and share them with your family! If you should have a topic for a

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Digital Starter Kit

This is a great place to start your introduction to the Defender self defense tools. The online video shows you how to use the defender all the while you are waiting for the defender tool to get to you. This way you can be ready to use your defender when it arrives in the mail.

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Defender 1 Self Defense Tool

The Defender 1 is simply Awesome The defender 1 self-defense tool is the most fully-featured tool in our lineup. I am also offering FREE unlimited online Self Defense tool training to see what you are purchasing; here is the link for that [Click Here]. This tool as a self-defense tool is unparalleled in history and can really save your

Defender 1 Self Defense Tool
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You will find many great stories, facts, and even terrorist (story) blog posts on this page. We will highlight the self defense weapons, which one is right for you and other great stories. 

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