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Sandpaper Tape Add-On

Enhanced Grip For many years I have been putting on sandpaper tape to my gadgets but just now got around to doing it on the self defense weapons. It really enhances the grip of the weapon and under real use things do or can get wet. Wet means it can become difficult to hold onto so

Sandpaper Tape Add-On
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Increasing the holding of the self defense gadget

Add a better grip to your Defender I have meant to do this for a long time, which adds sandpaper tape to the self-defense tool’s handles. I have it on all my guns and some of my knives, but not so on the defenders. So, I purchased a sheet and cut it up to try.

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Instructor Perry Watkins (IL USA)

Bio- Started training in martial arts(shotokan) in 2009 at 23 at the YMCA under sensi bert haynes. Earned the rank of nidan(2nd) degree black belt. I’m part of the S.I.B.B.A(southern Illinois black belt aallianc) Been focusing on the self-defense side of the arts. Have experience in church security, concert security, and retail security. Able to

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Become a Certified Defender Instructor You can become a qualified self defense tool instructor, earn money, save on the price of equipment, and save lives all at the same time! We have a really good program that even a beginner can qualify and teach people how to save their lives! Look at it this way… if

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