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Digital Starter Kit

This is a great place to start your introduction to the Defender self defense tools. The online video shows you how to use the defender all the while you are waiting for the defender tool to get to you. This way you can be ready to use your defender when it arrives in the mail.

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RP Self Defense Tool

The RP Defender is Aggressive Crazy Good Saves Lives https://vimeo.com/648615498 This is our newest Defender (self-defense tool). It fits in your pocket (4″ long and 2.5″ wide) and can travel anywhere with you. It also has a set of lanyard holes to use a standard lanyard or even the NEW Kydex Holsters or Neck Rigs. This is

RP Self Defense Tool
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You will find many great stories, facts, and even terrorist (story) blog posts on this page. We will highlight the self defense weapons, which one is right for you and other great stories. 

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