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Personal Self Defense Plan

Your Self Defense Plan This is a series of videos to help you construct your personal self-defense plan. Each week I will be posting a new weekly video between 6 to 8 minutes long. Easy to digest and learn that weekly skill set so you can build your custom self-defense plan. It is necessary to […]

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Family of devastation

What are the best self defense weapons?

What are the best self defense weapons? Previous Next The first thing you must ask yourself is, “What are my self-defense goals?” What are my self-defense needs if you commute in your car, plane, or train? Where am I likely to be attacked, mugged, raped, or robbed and that is just mentioning a few of

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home invasion

[How-To] Successfully Survive a Home Invasion Home invasion bad guy going to meet a Self Defense Weapon! Home invasion “hey I’m here!” Home invasion can lead to harm, rape or even death! Peter Brusso suggest a Glock 40 cal for anti home invasion Several looters ran into the Self Defense Weapons know as the Defenders…They

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PDWS School is in Session!

Get ready school is in session to learn set go! On this page, I’m going to provide some great training, FREE to my visitors and clients. I am going to try to intermix current event topics with defender training, questions & answers, and product education. I hope you enjoy these videos and share them with your family! If you should

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