About the Defenders v2

About the Defenders… The defenders are just for your self active protection.   True Active Self Protection   True Active Self Protection   Self Defense Weapon   Owl at Master Brusso’s front door   True Active Self Protection   The Guppy in a travel package offer.   Defender Ronsonator   Defender 1 in NYPD HQ

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Defender Map

Defenders in the world Sale of defenders in the world This is a map of where the defenders were sold. Fun to see ones invention get out all over the globe!

Contact Us

Contact Us We require a phone number to be provided in the contact form. We have experienced cases where people have questions, but when we reply, our emails are never seen as they get stuck in the trash/spam.  Therefore, our clients think we don’t care to answer their questions. Customer satisfaction is very important to

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Fun Videos This section is a whole lot of fun and informational videos for your enjoyment. I will be adding things here from time to time so check back to see what is new! Again, some are fun and others will be very educational. Go over to our podcast page to see interviews and more.

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